HLCCC camp registration is online through our website. You will need to get instructions and a “Registration Code” from the church leader.The completed registration form will need to be printed and digitally signed by the parent/legal guardian.

The process will be as follows:

If this is your first time to register a child for any camp Follow the number 1 below

1) Go to “Parent/Camper Registration” button in top menu bar and click. Then click register button and follow instructions to verify your new account.

2)Verifying your account –  Once you fill out the information for the new account and submit it You will be sent an email to the email you used for you user ID and it will give you a “Click here to activate your account” link to verify your email address and then it will send you to the log in screen.

3) Log in – you can log in to your new parent/camper dashboard to manage your registration and camp experience using your email address as user and the password you chose to register your student.

4)You will see the dashboard and on the dashboard window an instruction and a box to enter in the “camp code” from you group Leader. This code is for a specific group and camp.

Previous Camper Instructions

1a) If you are a Previous Camper – If you have registered any camper in the past two years, even if it was a different student, and you used your same email then you can use the login button and login to your account and you will see a place to enter you code.

2) You can use the previous forms for a same student to transfer the main data and update what is required for a shorter registration experience. Select this option from your dashboard and follow instructions.

Lost Password – If you do not have you password then use the lost password link and it will send a reset link to your email if the email is not listed then you will need to create a new account through the Parent/Camper Registration Link.

If the system does not send you a reset link to your email check spam folders, I’m mail check the update folder and if still not there then contact Dixie to reset the password.

If you have any questions please contact Dixie at dixie@highlandlakescamp.org.

Payment for camp will go through the church leader. All payment to HLCCC will be provided by the church. The online registration system does not take any form of payment.
HLCCC will refund a cancelled reservation less the deposit if both the written notification to HLCCC and the online cancellation are within the 30 day deadline date. Camp fees can be transferred to another camper. Any substitution made after the 30 day deadline date will be subject to the Late Rate for camp. There is no refund after the 30 day deadline date for each camp.
Your church group will sleep in a bunkhouse based on gender. All females from your church will be in one bunkhouse and the males in a separate bunkhouse. Each church group may share a bunkhouse with other churches. All bunkhouses are fully air conditioned, and have restrooms/showers. Each camper will need to bring bedding,toiletries, towels, etc.
Campers (students and adults) are expected to reflect a Christian example by their dress. Sponsors, parents, and church leaders are responsible for the clothing and appearance of the student and adults attending camp.Modest skirts, dresses, shorts, and jeans are acceptable. Immodest short shorts or tops, small tank tops, tight clothing (leggings or yoga pants), spaghetti strap tops, distasteful designs or messages, or other extreme clothes are not acceptable. One-piece swimsuits are preferred. All other swim wear will require a dark colored t-shirt to be worn over them at all times including while in the pool.Campers may be asked to change their attire if an adult or HLCCC staff feels their dress is inappropriate.Boys should wear a shirt unless in the pool.
Morning – Quiet time, breakfast, worship, activity rotations based on your color group.
Afternoon – Continuing activity rotations along with lunch
Evening – Dinner followed by worship and a message (a decision time will be on one or more nights). Church group time will follow worship. Each church will be given a specific location for their church group to meet.
Notify the church leader, who will then notify HLCCC. We will make every effort to house and accommodate any camper with special needs. The topography of the camp will limit some access to certain activities.
Notify the church leader, who will then notify HLCCC.This information should be explained in detail on the camper registration form. Advance notice is requested to enable HLCCC to provide alternative options.
For the safety of all campers, any student leaving early MUST be picked up at either the Main office or Health Center. A notification signed by the parent/legal guardian must be provided. The adult picking up the student must provide identification.The church leader will escort the student to the pick- up location, and sign the Early Release form.
All medications (prescription or over-the-counter) MUST be in the original container.A “Medication Administration” form must be filled out online from the parent.camper dashboard and printed and signed by the parent/legal guardian.The form and medication is placed in a zip-lock back and brought to registration on Day 1. The medication is given to the medical staff which will secure all medications in the Health Center. Medications will be administered as per RX label by the medical staff. No medications (including adult sponsors) will be left in any bunkhouse.HLCCC Health Center is stocked with a variety of over-the-counter medications and can be given as per the parent’s authorization.
The ceremony is to recognize and celebrate those students who have made a decision to follow Christ. They will have any opportunity to ring a large bell and have their name announced.
Incoming mail is sorted by church groups and can be received by a sponsor each day at the Camp Office. Mail sent to campers should be addressed to:Camper’s Name (Church Group & which Camp Attending) Highland Lakes Camp and Conference Center 5902 Pace Bend Rd. N. • Spicewood, TX 78669 512/264-1777 FREE emergency
Care Packages can be purchased through the Camp Highlands Gift Shop / Concessions. Parents can order a variety of care packages or gift cards AND enclose a personal note of encouragement for their camper. Click here for Care Package Ordering. (formsite).
During breaks and recreation time, HLC provides a conveniently located concession stand so that students can cool off with a soft drink or pick up a snack.Items available will include: Soft drinks, bottled water, candy, & other snacks.
Items cost: .50—$2
Souvenirs and Camp T-Shirts are available at the Camp Highlands Gift Shop. Color Group Shirts, bandanas and other spirit items may also be purchased at the Gift Shop.
Items cost: $1—$15
Yes. All photos and videos are free to view or download as a single.You can order a print photo on the website which will be mailed to you. Or purchase the entire digital download either by camp photo gallery or video gallery. Click here for Camper.photos
Yes, the worship service is live on our website.See previous services listed below.Click here for Live Stream