Each summer, hundreds of students meet Jesus Christ for the first time as Lord and Savior of their lives. The goal of the Bell Prayer Ministry is to cover every one of these new Christians in prayer for a year. Please partner with us in committing to pray for these students for a year.

Call or email us for a name:

512-264-1777, ext. 2040, Rod Cordsen

Pray for a new believer for the next Year!

This summer we had 555 students accept Christ as Savior!
As you know the first year and going back home to friends and circumstances unchanged can be very difficult for
a new believer.
So we feel like the best thing we can do is pray for them. Many go home to churches with strong discipleship programs and they get
plugged in and grow. Many do not and struggle to grow in Christ.
Our goal is to have every student covered in prayer by 5 other brothers or sisters for at least one year.

If you would please commit for one year and pray for that student we believe you will be rewarded beyond measure but more importantly you are investing your life into the life of a new believer and supporting them in their first year of LIFE!

Please join us is covering these students with prayer.

Enter the information below and tell us in the comment section if you have preference in praying for a boy or girl.

Thank You and God bless you!






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