Summer Camps

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Don’t get stuck on a waiting list. We opened a fourth Journey Camp Week for 2015. We have four Preteen camps and one Children’s Camp.



Camp Life

“I was in Toronto right before I came here for missions. Being there, seeing the brokenness and so little Christ there, I’m just even more on fire for God when I’m here. Evangelizing door to door […]

Camp Life

“We should go to the ends of the Earth for the Gospel but sometimes it just starts right where you’re standing.”

Camp Life

“How can you take what you’ve learned and apply it to everyday life?”

“I think, to know that not everybody is as comfortable with speaking about God as you are. We don’t need to push people […]

Camp Life

“If you can take one life lesson home, what would it be?”

“My confidence and ability to speak to people, because I have really learned how to speak openly to people here and have more confidence […]

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