Summer Camps

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Don’t get stuck on a waiting list. We opened a fourth Journey Camp Week for 2015. We have four Preteen camps and one Children’s Camp.



Camp Life

“I love that I know some of the songs they sing in worship. It helps me get so into it, and it gives me chills sometimes. I also love Jesus very much!”

Camp Life

“What I like about Archers Quest is that we can implement the fact that you can’t do anything alone, you do it as a team. Everything is done through God. Everyone also has a gift […]

Camp Life

“Hi, my name is Vanessa. I’m a summer missionary and today my job is Archers Quest.”

“What do you do at Archers Quest?”

“I instruct the kids and make sure nobody gets hit in the head.”

“What happens […]

Camp Life

“I feel like as a Christian I should share more about Him. It makes me feel amazing to know that we have a God this great. It would make me feel even more amazing if I […]

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